How to Calculate Welding Times

There are a huge variety of resources available that approach issues associated with calculating welding times. Calculating this would naturally be time-consuming if you had to re-calculate the basics for every estimate you need to do. Hence, most businesses will have some kind of automated estimating system. There are a number of generalized commercial estimating […]

Welding Filtercarts

Welding Filtercarts Exposure to welding fumes can cause serious health problems in the long-term. To help keep workers protected, a fume extractor is a system utilising a fan to extract the toxic fumes and clean the surrounding environment. Fume extractors help prevent the buildup of harmful chemicals within a workplace. The filtration systems working together […]

Welding Gloves and Gauntlets

Welding gloves are a personal piece of protective equipment, that protect the hands of welders from the hazards involved when welding. These gloves allow digit articulation while protecting the operator from many risks. Risks during a weld could be an electrical shock, extreme heats, ultraviolet and infrared radiation and abrasion. Welding gloves are worn over […]

How to Be a Pipeline Welder

Why should you pipe weld? It is not easy to simply become a pipe welder. It takes training, experience and a lot of learning from your mistakes to become successful and trained in this industry. Why put yourself through that? The experience needed to be a good pipeline welder means there’s relatively few pipeline welders […]