How to Be a Pipeline Welder

Why should you pipe weld? It is not easy to simply become a pipe welder. It takes training, experience and a lot of learning from your mistakes to become successful and trained in this industry. Why put yourself through that? The experience needed to be a good pipeline welder means there’s relatively few pipeline welders […]

How to TIG Weld Aluminium

Manufacturing with Aluminium can have many benefits. It can help extend part life, reduce weight and even deliver greater integrity in cold temperature, making the material great for applications such as truck/ trailer/ boat manufacturing. However, the process of Welding Aluminium can come with some challenges. Achieving high-quality Welds, when welding with aluminium with GTAW, […]

What is Gouging in Welding?

Gouging is the term to define a type of corrosion which occurs on a metallic surface in which a hole, groove or indentation is created. In welding, gouging has been a requirement for many years in several industries and applications – and is one method to scrutinise. Particularly in maintenance and repair, the ability to […]

The Importance of Welding PPE

The welding field is a profession that carries much more risks than others. Exposed to extreme heats and powerful equipment’s daily, its vitally important that personal protective equipment (PPE) is taken seriously. Personal protective equipment should be the most thought out step before starting any weld process, ensuring you are safe every step of the […]

Tips for Selecting Tungsten Electrodes

Understanding what Tungsten electrode is correct for your application is something that is crucial for a successful TIG weld. Ensuring the correct tungsten is used for the right material, material thickness and power source is essential. Below is all the information you need to know about Tungsten electrodes and what applications they suit best. 2% […]