Pipe Stoppers & Pipe Purging Equipment

Here at PCES Limited we have a variety of pipe purging equipment and pipe stoppers, such as the pipe test plugs, available. Pipe purging equipment is designed to prevent oxidation occurring during a pipe weld. When welding a pipe, the weld becomes exposed to oxygen and heat, which can cause oxidation. Removing any oxidation that has occurred during the pipe weld can be nearly impossible.

By using our pipe purging equipment you are able to prevent oxidation of the weld occurring in the first place and maintain the weld quality. Ignoring the fact that pipe purging improves the weld quality, it also prevents any hazardous mixtures of gas and air – which is very crucial when welding.



We have a range of tools from pipe stoppers and small welding bags to backing tape and larger purge systems for industrial use. Our equipment is specially designed for easy use. Products such as our Large bore gas purging systems inflate once in position to form a tight seal, before releasing an inert gas into the pipe. They are also lightweight and collapsible, ideal for transportation. All of our pipe purging equipment has been specially designed to use the least amount of gas possible, making them an even more cost effective solution. When sealing the root gap between pipes, you can also use our EZ Zone Tape. This welding tape prevents weld contamination during sealing. The edges are adhesive coated, with an adhesive-free center.

Our range of pipe stoppers and sealing plugs are ideal for carrying our air and water tests in all pipelines. They are available in a variety of size and material options to suit your needs. At PCES, we also offer self-calibrating purge monitors to measure the oxygen levels of the purged area. By using one of these monitors, the welder will be able to know exactly when it is safe to begin welding.

Our pipe purging equipment is the perfect accessory for any pipe welding application and offers guaranteed excellent results every time. Whichever product you choose, it will produce the perfect pipe purge results, improving quality and safety during the process.

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