Pipe Alignment Clamps for Welding

Pipe Welding Clamps

PCES Limited offers a wide range of pipe clamps. Our welding and pipe alignment clamp range has many types, including:

Aluminium Clamps – These heavy duty clamps are designed for 360-degree welding and no tacking is required. They are built for the rigours of site use as well as in workshops. No special training is required for these, having only a two-piece simple design. Available in a range of special tubing sizes and different nominal bore sizes.

External/ Cage Clamps – These popular no tack clamps are available in a variety of sizes up to 120” and allow an easy full circle weld, without needing to remove or move the clamp. These clamps have arched cross bars which allows the user to line up prior to welding.

Centromat internal alignment Clamps These clamps are specially designed for quick alignments of flanges, zozzles, short pipe sections etc to pipes and cylindrical tanks. The internal clamp allows free access so that all parts can be welded.

Small Diameter Pipe Clamps – These clamps are designed to offer the adaptability which a welder may require for Hi-Lo adjustment. They are extremely fast to set up and no training is required.

Internal Line Up Clamps – Available as small manual 6” to 8”, clamps, carbon steel construction with optional Copper back up or Stainless Steel contact points. Easily maintained clamp built for rugged use. Also available larger Manual and Hydraulic options up to 64” diameter.

All of our pipe alignment clamp ranges have been rigorously tested in the field. The clamps are available for any sized pipe from mainline pipeline clamps to smaller pipe clamps down to pipe diameters of 1″ and even larger than 120”. Pipe clamps are available for steel and stainless steel pipe welding applications.

Our external hydraulic pipe clamps are all manufactured in the UK ensuring all quality is to the top standard. All are available for worldwide shipping, so there’s no excuse to why we can’t provide you with a solution!

Pipe welding tools are a fundamental part of pipeline installations. Here at PCES, we stock a range of pipe clamps such as adjustable, hydraulic and external. We also stock a comprehensive range of welder protection, welding supplies and general tools. These clamps prevent the risk of injury to workers as a result of the process involved when pipe fitting and hep ensure that products are welded correctly.

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