Stringer Bead Pipeline Wire Brush Wheels

Stringer Bead Pipeline Wire Brush Wheels

Pipeline brushes have been developed for professional use on U and V welds in the Pipeline and fabrication industries.

The use of wire brushes for cleaning welding seams by removing welding cinder and other residues is the most cost efficient and practical method, and recommended for the application of cellulose or basic electrodes. Welding cinder arises during electric-welding, and this has to be removed carefully before the next seam can be applied.

picture showing pipeline brush wheels

pipeline welders picture

Brushes give an excellent clean finish to the welding seams without having to remove any applied welding material. This cannot be avoided when using grinding discs – they can remove up to 30 % of the seam!
With a narrow, 6mm Stringer Bead face width as standard stock, the High Quality, High Tensile PCES Limited twist knot wire wheels, offer longer life and quiet running in the most demanding circumstances.

The 7″ (178mm) diameter brush has a unique alternating left-right twist knot configuration making them more aggressive, hence they are often used for heavy brushing operations. The knots open less, therefore they are also ideal for the treatment of edges.

  • Manufactured in the EU and certified
  • Available in Steel or Stainless Steel

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