Curv-O-Mark Centering Heads


Curv-O-Mark Centring heads aid in the setting of centrelines, establishing angles and marks for butt-ins, location points inside pipes and tanks, laying out keyways and measuring declivity. The standard model is used on pipe 1/2-in diameter and larger. It has a 4-in, Y-type head and is fitted with an adjustable dial bubble protractor (DSL) and a manually operated hardened centring pin.

They are an easy-to-use tool for pipe fitters and welders, each printed with helpful markings to help make a straight line around pipes. They are made from flexible gasket material and have good resistance to heat.

Product Code: 3001879

Curv-O-Mark Centering Heads


The jumbo model (shown right) is used on pipe 1-in diameter, and up. It has an 8-in Y-type head, and DSL. A spring loaded hardened centring pin eliminates the need for a hammer. Just make the alignment and press the trigger.

Product Code: 3001880

Curv-O-Mark Centering Heads

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