Curve-O-Mark Contour Markers

Curv-o-Mark Contour Marker Standard

The Cur-O-Mark contour marker is a compact, time saving tool used to lay out pipe and structural steel joints. Laterals at any angle, tees, wyes, crosses and elbows, any type or size of joint can be quickly and precisely laid out. No more complicated mathematical formulas, no more cut and try, no more needless material waste. The contour marker can be used to lay out pipe from, 1-1/2 to 18in. Made from durable lightweight aluminium, it requires minimal maintenance only occasional oiling of the joints to provide long service life.

Product Code: 3001874

Curve-O-Mark Contour Markers

Curv-o-Mark Contour Marker Jumbo

A larger version of the contour marker, The jumbo Contour Marker (JCM) has been developed for use in the layout of large diameter pipe, from 8 to 48 in. With its structural adaptor, the JCM can be used in the layout of extremely large structural steel members up to 48in wide. The JCM comes complete with a durable web strap that helps hold the unit in place during layout. A built-in adjustable dial bubble protractor ensures accurate centreline location. A soapstone crayon is included. Like the standard model, the JCM’s capability can be increased with the Combination Adaptor Accessory.

Product Code: 3001877

Curve-O-Mark Contour Markers

Curv-o-Mark Combination Adapter Standard

Designed for use with the standard Contour markers, the adaptor simplifies handling and increases layout capacity. The adaptor permits use of all four sides of the contour marker and permits marking on small diameter pipe, over nipples, old welds or on wrapped pipe. The adaptor can also provide layouts with compound angles using a single setting, or any degree of take-off on elbows and turns up to 90 degrees.

Product Code: 3001875

Curve-O-Mark Contour Markers

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