Curvomark Wrap-around Pipe Marking Wrap

Curvomark Wrap-A-Round Contour Layout & Marking Tools. Inexpensive tool for marking straight lines around pipe, or for use as a straight edge. Made out of flexible gasket material, with good resistance to heat and cold.

All Wrap-A-Rounds are available in two colours. These designate material type and service temperature applications up to 550oF. B(black) material has a service temperature of up to 350oF. Both material types are asbestos free.

Extra small and special order sizes are unmarked. All other sizes are printed with a scale in inches, pitch chart, tangent chart and other useful markings, Wrap-A-Rounds in 3.88″ and 5.00″ feature a metric scale and pitch chart.

Curvomark Wrap-around Pipe Marking Wrap

Size Chart


SizePipe DiameterStock No BlackNew Stock No Black
Stock No GreyNew Stock No Grey
Special 5″ WideAny length185BJ1872185GGJ1871

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