Protractors – Pipefitters Protractors

Protractors can be used to determine or set bevels, transfer angles and measure squareness of one surface to another.

The protractor blades are lockable and the head is graduated from 0-180 degrees.

Protractors - Pipe fitters Protractors

Protractor Specifications

Part NumberBlade Size (in/ mm)Weight
DXX-2506 / 152.40.1 kgs
DK-23918 & 12 / 457 & 3050.3 kgs
DK-10048 & 36 / 1219 & 9141.7 kgs

The Large Protractor (DK100) will measure squareness of pipe ends up to 40″ diameter, and mitre angles up to 180 degrees. The Small Protractor (DK-239) is an excellent tool for sheet metalwork layout, and the Mini Protractor (DXX-250) is ideal for checking bevel angles.

Protractors - Pipefitters Protractors

Large Protractor Measuring Pipe Angle

Protractors - Pipefitters Protractors

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