Pipe Lifting Tongs

Automatic Pipe Tongs conveniently grasp the pipe to move it into the trench or around the job site. The Pipe Tong Pads are made of rubber and cotton to aid grip and to avoid contamination of Stainless and other special alloys, which may occur during pipeline construction. Pipe liners have chosen the automatic release tongs for lifting pipes since the 1930’s.

These Pipe Lifting Tongs come with readily equipped grip pads, to add to the safe engagement of the pipe. These are made of rubber and cotton which aids with gripping. This also helps avoid the contamination of stainless and other special alloys.

These Pipe Tongs are manufactured and available in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from 2”, all the way to 36”. Their main function is to permit an automatic release of the pipe when lift line is slacked off.

Click here for the product PDF where you can find the working capacity of each sized Pipe Lifting Tong.

pipe lifting tongs

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