E-Z Fit Adjustable Pipeclamps

E-Z Fit Adjustable Pipeclamps

Smaller Diameter Adjustable Pipeclamps

E-Z FIT CE Approved

The E-Z Fit adjustable Pipeclamp, is designed for the Welder who needs an adjustable adaptable clamp for Hi-Lo adjustment.

The precision Cast Alloy Steel Clamps are rigid in use and ideal for aligning Pipe to Pipe, Pipe to Elbow or Pipe to Tee.

E-Z Fit Adjustable Pipeclamps


The PCES Limited E-Z Fit Pipeclamps are supplied with Stainless Steel Shoes and Thumbscrews as standard, to eliminate risks of contamination when fitting up Stainless steels.

Benefits of the E-Z Fit

  • Fast Easy Set Up – Clamp can be slid over the end of the pipe or cranked open
  • No Training – Operation by unskilled workers.
  • Adaptable – Fits a wide range of sizes and pipe materials.
  • Hi-Lo – Easy Hi-Lo adjustment

 E-Z Fit Adjustable Pipeclamps

For Whenever Pipe Comes Together


Part NumberPipe Size Range
(In / mm)
Weight kgs
 E-Z 2 SS 1-2.5 / 25-642
 E-Z 4 SS 2.5-4.5 / 64-1143
 E-Z 8 SS 5-8 / 127-2036
 E-Z 12 SS 9-12 / 229-30510

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