Mathey Dearman Pipe Alignment & Pipe Reforming Chain Clamps

Mathey Dearman’s Chain Clamps for pipes align Schedule 80 and reform Schedule 40 pipes, elbows, tees and other fittings within their range while providing the maximum degree of safety for the welder.

Mathey Dearman prides itself on being the world’s foremost authority on preparing pipe for joining together by welding. Since the 1930’s, they have been designing and building cutting and beveling machines and clamping, aligning, and reforming systems for pipe and tubing.

Whether the process involves aligning and/or reforming small tubes or large vessels, a Mathey Dearman clamp is available to do the job.

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Mathey-Dearman Chain Clamps for Pipes

Critical Alignment Mathey-Dearman Clamps.

The tolerance for misalignment of pipe inside or outside diameters is becoming increasingly critical as companies use automated welding processes, thinner wall pipe and attempt to improve efficiency of Double Jackscrew Clampflow in the pipe or reduce deterioration of the pipe wall.

Thousands of dollars in labour are lost annually by companies continuing to use old fashion methods, such as weld on lugs, hydraulic bottle jacks or ratchet cable pullers, to critically align pipe ends. Companies today cannot afford the loss in productivity or have their product rejected as it fails to meet the alignment criteria. This is why they should be using Chain clamps to align their pipes.

Mathey-Dearman clamps (or pipe fit-up tools) are designed to align and reform pipes, elbows, tees and other fittings within their range, while providing the maximum amount of safety for the welder. Mathey Dearman Inc offers 13 different models of chain clamps to achieve critical alignment of pipe ends. These clamps are designed to achieve the critical alignment of the outside or inside diameter of the pipe with little or no loss of labour hours. Fits pipe diameters of 3/8″ (9.5mm) to 20ft (6M) – the perfect chain clamp for pipes.


Features and Advantages

Precision Alignment – The double Jackbars, spaced around the outside diameter of the pipe, provide concise alignment and reforming of the internal or external diameters of both pipes within 0.5mm.

Extremely Tough – Reforms pipes on both sides of the weld joint to Schedule 40 pipe and aligns any wall schedule of pipe, elbows, tees and other fittings.

Adaptable – The Chain Clamp can be used to align, and reform elbows, tees and other fittings that a cage clamp can not manage. One Chain Clamp covers the range of eight (8) cage clamps.

High Rise Independent Jackbars – Double jackscrew ‘high rise’ Jackbars have extra clearance enabling easy access with welding torch/rod. Each Jackscrew has independently pivoting feet to cope with uneven surfaces.

Safe – Elbows, tees and other fittings can be held safely and securely in place during alignment with the level and support device.

Quality – Jackbars are cast from high quality steel alloys.


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