Sturdi-Clamp Chain Clamps

The Mathey Dearman STURDI-CLAMP is ideal for Schedule 40 & below pipe alignment and reforming. Lighter weight than the original Mathey Dearman Chain Clamps, Dearman STURDI-CLAMPS are quick and easy to set up while still providing the ability to get excellent fitups on pipe from 1” to 36” (25 mm to 914 mm) diameter. Dearman STURDI-CLAMPS are available in carbon steel chain or stainless steel chain versions. ALL Mathey Dearman STURDI-CLAMPS feature stainless steel Jackscrews, Jackbars and Main Blocks, stainless steel chain should be used on stainless steel or specialty alloy applications to avoid potential contamination. Dearman STURDI-CLAMPS have the same Quality as all Mathey Dearman products but at a lesser cost than our Heavy Duty Clamping models.

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  • PRECISE ALIGNMENT | Jackbars, spaced around the diameter of the pipe allow for precise alignment of joint
  • QUALITY | Same proven quality as other Dearman chain clamps
  • STRENGTH | Aligns & Reforms pipe with wall thickness to Schedule 40
  • WIDE RANGE | One Chain Clamp covers a wide range of pipe sizes


  • One Chain Clamp covers the range of multiple cage clampsSturdi-Clamp
  • Pipes can be fully welded with clamp in place
  • Jackscrew contact points swivel to protect against marring the pipe
  • Optional Spacing Screws available to assist in setting weld gap

Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp Includes:

  • Nickel plated carbon steel or stainless steel duplex roller chain
  • Stainless steel Double Jackscrew Jackbars – quantity as indicated in specifications
  • Stainless steel Main Block
  • Jackscrew Wrench
  • Heavy-duty Storage Box
  • Parts and Operating Manual


*Calculations are based on pipe with a tensile strength of 45,000 lbs per square inch / 3,164 kg per square centimeter

ModelNumber of JackbarsNominal Pipe Size Range in (mm)Reforms Pipe to Schedule*Jackbar TypeEst. Shipping Weight
D231-SC51-12 (25-305)40Single13 lbs / 5.9 kg
D231-SCSS51-12 (25-305)40Single13 lbs / 5.9 kg
D249-SC74-20 (102-508)40Double36 lbs / 16.2 kg
D249-SCSS74-20 (102-508)40Double36 lbs / 16.2 kg
D235-SC106-36 (152-914)40Double90 lbs / 40.5 kg
D235-SCSS106-36 (152-914)40Double90 lbs / 40.5 kg

SS – Indicates clamp includes stainless steel chain. All clamps equipped with stainless steel Jackbars, Jackscrews, and Main Blocks.

NOTE: Mathey Dearman chain clamps can be reconfigured for stainless steel and other specialty alloy applications. Replace the carbon steel roller chain with stainless steel chain. (all other components of chain clamps are made of stainless steel) The double jackscrew chain clamp should never be used as the sole support for the pipe or to lift the pipe.

Do not exceed pipe size range listed or use any type of chain other than supplied without first contacting the Mathey Dearman sales department. Use of chain not supplied with the clamp by Mathey Dearman will void the clamp warranty.

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