HATE Hydraulic Adhesion Tester

The HATE Hydraulic Adhesion Tester is one of the most accurate and versatile adhesion testers currently available. HATE Adesion Tester.

The adhesion is measured by the required tensile pull on a Dolly glued to the coating surface.

The force is applied through the centre of the Dolly by a hydraulically loaded pin.

Connection to the stainless steel Dolly is easily made with a snap on connector.

The pressure is swivel mounted allowing testing in any position, this is significant as coating breakdown invariably starts at positions that were difficult to reach during surface preparation and application.

  • Tests can be made on flat, concave and convex surfaces.
  • Dollies can be supplied for measuring on the external and internal radius.
  • Conforms to ASTM and ISO methods of measurement with an accuracy of ±1% of pressure gauge FSD.
  • Maximum value at pull off is recorded by a red drag indicator.
  • Range 0 – 3,500 psi, 0 – 25MPa, 0 – 250 bar
  • The Hate Adhesion Tester is supplied in a Carrying Case with 5 Flat Dollies, 5 Nylon Plugs, Drill to
  • Clear Dollies, Adhesive and Dolly Remover / Cleaner.

Part Number

  • X1003 – Hate Adhesion Tester Calibration Certificate
  • NX001 – Calibration Certificate UKAS Traceable

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