Testex Tape (Press-O-Film) Surface Testing

Testex Tape (Press-O-Film) offers a simple and very Testex Tape (Press-O-Film) accurate method of measuring blasted profiles. can produce virtually exact replicas of the blasted surface profile which can be measured using a Snap Gauge.

Simple operation, place the Testex firmly on the blasted surface, apply moderate pressure with the Burnishing Tool, the replica has now been taken and can be measured using the Snap Gauge.

Testex Tape is supplied in a roll containing 50 tests and is available in four different grades to cater for different applications.

The Snap Gauge is supplied in a Carrying Case with a Burnishing Tool.

Complies with ASTM, NACE and SSPC methods of measurement.

Can be also supplied in a Testex Kit, comprising two rolls of Testex Tape, (X Coarse supplied as standard, specify different grade if required) Snap Gauge and Burnishing Tool.

Part Numbers

  • R1001 – Testex Coarse (range 20 to 50µm)
  • Testex Tape (Press-O-Film)
  • R1002 – Testex X Coarse (range 40 to 115µm)
  • R3003 – Testex Coarse Plus (range above 115µm)
  • R3004 – Testex Paint Grade (range 32 to 85µm)Accessories
  • R1004 – Testex Snap Gauge (0.002mm resolution)
  • NR001 – R1004 Calibration Certificate UKAS traceable
  • R2001 – Testex Kit ficate UKAS Traceable

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