Exact Pipe Cutting System

The Exact Pipe cutting system is one of the fastest, safest, easiest, and cost-effective ways to cut pipes.

The Exact PipeCut attaches to pipes firmly, and the blade is always in the correct position a picture of an exact pipe cutter automatically. The blade chips through the pie, creating burr free cuts ready for jointing.

Benefits of Exact Pipe Cutting System

  • Great improvements in ease of work and working safety as well as fire safety
  • After cutting, the cut ends of the pipe are straight and ready to be connected
  • The Exact method provides an extremely fast cutting speed which saves working time significantly
  • Ease of work and better working conditions, as the Exact method is designed to be used in worksite conditions (on-site) and it is very easy and light to use
  • The cutting process is also very safe to the user. The machine is tightly fixed to the pipe and cannot rush from the user’s hands
  • The method is environmentally safe because the cutting does not produce much sparks or dust
  • Invincible range of pipes with one machine
  • Pipes can be cut everywhere when electric power is available
  • All pipe materials such as steel, stainless, cast-iron, copper, plastic, multi-layer can be cut
  • Workbenches or big tripod stands are not needed
  • Reasonable purchasing price

Exact pipe cutting machines are designed and intended to the following industries:

  • House building
  • Shipyards
  • Industrial pipe installations, pulp, paper, chemical, boiler, pump stations etc.
  • Worksites for fresh and wastewater systems
  • Municipal heating and cooling systems
  • Municipal gas lines
  • Municipal site works e.g. hospitals, office buildings, and large public buildings
  • Maintenance and repair work of medium and large industry
  • Power stations
  • Installation companies that do pre-assemblies in workshops for sprinkler systems etc.
  • Pipe repairs for old buildings

Exact Pipe Cutting System


Voltage State Requirements When Ordering110/230110/230110/230
Power Input1010W1100W1400W
Unloaded Speed4000RPM4000RPM4000RPM
Periodic OperationS3 25%S3 25%S3 25%
Blade Diameter140mm140mm140mm
Arbor Hole62mm62mm62mm
Weight5.7 Kgs8.9 Kgs14.3 Kgs
Maximum Thickness mmSteel 6, Plastic 14Steel 8, Plastic 12Steel 8, Plastic 25
Cutting Range mm15-17015-20075-360

Standard Contents

  • Pipecut Machine
  • TCT Blade
  • Carry Case
  • 4 Piece Roller Set
  • DVD User Manual
  • Allen Key set

Warranty 2 years excluding Saw Blades, Overload Fuse, Carbon Brushes, Pipe Rollers.

Exact Pipe Cutting System

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