Mathey Dearman CGM-1 Cold Cutting and Bevelling Machine

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  • CGM-1 Cold Cutting Machine includes:
  • Base cold cutting machine
  • Blade guard
  • Blade shut-off valve
  • Service wrenches
  • Parts and operating manual
  • “T” handle for lowering and raising the cutting blade
  •  Torque wrench for tensioning the drive chain
  • Rugged steel storage box

Not Included:

  • Severing blades, beveling blade and drive chain required (order separately)

Mathey Dearman CGM-1 Cold Cutting and Bevelling Machine

The NEW LIGHTER Pneumatic or Hydraulic version CGM-1 Chain Drive and Cold Cutting Systems are designed to cut and bevel pipe 6″-72″ (152-1826mm) and wall thickness of 1/4″-1 1/2″ (6-38mm) depending on diameter of pipe. The CGM-1 can be used by contractors for building and maintaining pipelines, chemical plants, and in any other similar type of application where flame is not permitted.

Optional: The CGM-1 may be ordered with a shutoff safety mechanism that will stop the blade if the blade guard is raised.

The CGM-1 “0” which is the hydraulic version of CGM-1, gives the operator a more positive control of the cutting process. The CGM-1 “0” has the same chain tensioning system as the CGM-1 “A”.

The hydraulic model of the CGM-1 “0” can be operated at ocean depths up to 130′ (40m).

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