Flameshield Bag Stoppers

A range of ‘Flameshield’ bag stoppers in spark retardant Proban Cotton and complying to the appropriate British Standards.

Either single blank bags, or with centre outlet tubes, can operate in temperatures up to 100°C.

Additional protection can be given by incorporating an aluminium cloth silver disc to the ends of the bag and in close proximity to the welding operation.

The bags can also be supplied in non metallic constructions, when it is required to leave the bag in the pipe after welding and remove it by a pigging out operation.

The Argo-Weld twin welding bag sets are very robust and used in localising an area for Argon purging or other inert gas applications during pipe welding operations.

These bag sets are available in Flameshield Proban Cotton or other spark and weld spatter resistant materials.

The use of Aluminised Cloth outer covers and Fire Sleeve covers on the linking tube further enhance the performance which also incorporates a pressure relief valve to ensure a steady flow of Argon around the pipe weld area.

Proban Cotton Stopper Bags with added protective intermediate covers are available, to enable these stoppers to be used in oil and other hydrocarbon chemical pipe lines.

Flameshield Bag Stoppers

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