Tungsten Grinder – Bench Mounted

ULTIMA-TIG: tungsten electrode wet grinder


  • Eco-friendly collection of toxic dust particles
  • Perfect grinding for accurate angles
  • A combined electrode gauge and locking device, ensuring minimal removal of electrode during grinding (0.3 mm)
  • Polished angle surface for easier arc striking and arc stability
  • Longer electrode life between regrinds

ULTIMA-TIG is constructed with a unique disposable container that automatically collects all toxic dust particles, eliminating the need for separate exhaust systems.

Cold wet tungsten electrode grinding, combined with the diamond wheels high grinding speed ensures that the tungsten electrode always has a polished and even surface.

With ULTIMA-TIG you will achieve the exact angle that you require. A special locking device positions the electrode precisely, and the grinding is carried out in the correct longitudinal direction along the electrode. A precise angle is not only important to the quality of the welding seams but it increases the number of re-ignitions between grinding, thus prolonging the electrode life.

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