Tips for Selecting Tungsten Electrodes

Understanding what Tungsten electrode is correct for your application is something that is crucial for a successful TIG weld. Ensuring the correct tungsten is used for the right material, material thickness and power source is essential.

Below is all the information you need to know about Tungsten electrodes and what applications they suit best.

2% Thoriated – Red

A red tungsten electrode is best used in direct current applications using transformer based constant current power sources. Thoriated is radioactive and is best for use on non-corroding steels, nickel alloys, titanium alloys.

0.8% Zirconiated – White

White tungsten electrodes are best used in alternating current applications, for aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys that are using transformer or inverter based current power sources. White tungsten electrodes handle a higher amperage than pure tungsten and with less pitting.

1.5% Lanthanated – Gold

Lanthanated (Gold) tungsten electrodes are best for use in direct current applications. Working best with non-corroding steels, nickel alloys, copper alloys and titanium alloys, gold tungsten electrodes are great as an alternative to 2% thoriated inverter or transformer based constant current power sources.

2% Ceriated – Grey

Grey tungsten electrodes are non-radioactive and can be used in either alternating or direct currents. Good for applications with low-alloyed steels, non-corroding steels and aluminum alloys. With a long service life and excellent arc stability, grey tungsten electrodes are the appropriate tungsten for many applications. This particular type of tungsten electrode has very good ignition and re-ignition properties.

Pure EWP/WP – Green

Containing 99.5% tungsten, this particular tungsten electrode is suitable for alternating currents with aluminum and magnesium alloys in low amperage applications. Green tungsten electrodes should only be used for non-critical welds. Green tungsten electrodes run cooler than 2% thoriated – as well as lasting longer.

2% Lanthanted – Blue

Lanthanted blue tungsten electrodes are generally used for both types of currents and are good for low-alloyed steels. This type of tungsten electrode offers long electrode life under heavy or pulsing amperage loads.

LayZr™ – Chartreuse

LayZr offers the very best low amperage starts and is often used for automated and robotic applications due to its low voltage tolerance. Suitable for both alternating and direct currents, this tungsten electrode is non-radioactive.

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