Zinser Pipe Cutting

For simultaneous cutting and chamfering of steel pipes.
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All Zinser pipe cutting machines are designed so that they can be fitted onto an endless pipe. A quick acting lock is provided for clamping the machine.
The cutter carriage is driven by two hand cranks and four drive wheels. The hand cranks are fitted so that the operator need not change position when the pipe is cut.

Zinser Pipe Cutting

In place of the manual drive the machine can be also fitted with an electric drive with a continuously variable speed control.
The cutter can be moved through 2 x 45 degree.
Height and lateral adjustments are also provided.

  • Robust
  • Manually Driven or Motorized
  • Economically Priced
  • Proven
  • Smooth Cuts
  • Light Weight
  • Simple Operation
  • With block jet sizes 3-30 mm (or 60 and 100 mm)
  • For Acetylene, propane or Natural Gas
  • Particularly suitable for operation on site

070 – 120 mm
1120-270 mm
2270-420 mm
3420-620 mm
4400 mm +

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